We welcome submissions from young people who want to respond to art. Before submitting, please acquaint yourselves with the pieces that we've published. Above all, please engage with works of art on a personal level.

Submission Guidelines: 

Essays (no word limit): 

  • Engage with art work(s) from the first person perspective. Focus on personal connection with art. 

  • Show critical and emotional analysis. 

  • We encourage non-traditional forms of response (poetry, visual art, etc). 

Fresh Thoughts (word count 200-500):

  • Short versions of essays on recently released works of art.


  • Include a short introduction explaining who the artist is and what your connection to their work is.

  • Conversation should be casual, as though you’re talking to a friend.

  • Dialogues will be edited for length and clarity (please start this editing process before sending pieces to us).

Include a one-sentence mini-biography (hometown, college year and major, past publications, etc).

At this time, we are unable to offer any monetary compensation. 

Please send all submissions to

Special Prompt: We’re currently collaborating with Midriff Magazine using the following prompt: Write about your relationship to the work of an artist in any artform (music, movies, books, etc.) from the first-person perspective. How did their work personally affect you? How has your relationship to their work changed/grown? We’re especially looking for pieces that deal with the adolescence/growing up and womxnhood. We encourage non-traditional forms of response (poetry, visual art, lists, etc). The resulting work will be published both in Midriff Magazine's next issue and online in Reverberations Mag. The deadline for inclusion is November, 13. There are no length requirements/limits.