Reverberations is an online publication for young people, especially college students, to engage emotionally, analytically, and intuitively with all forms of art. The website was created in January 2017 by our founders, Sage Marshall and Linne Halpern. Although based out of Wesleyan University, Reverberations hopes to share the stories of young people all over the world. The Fresh Thoughts section contains timely pieces where students engage, in less than 500 words, with their personal experiences of recent works of art. The Essays section is more free form, containing prose, poetry, and visual responses to art, regardless of when the art was released. The Dialogues section is a place where our contributors can share their conversations with other artists.  Reverberations is currently seeking regular contributors as well as submissions of essays, reviews, and dialogues. 

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Look for us on social media and contact us at reverberationsmag@gmail.com. 


Our Mission Statement

Art isn’t just good or bad; it connects with us. We created Reverberations for young people to respond to all forms of art. In this way, we begin to form our own identities and ideas. We hope to share work that engages with the big questions, that relates to the global and/or the individual, and, most of all, makes us feel deeply. There is nothing more exciting than the meaningful interaction between art and ourselves. –Linne and Sage


Reverb Team:

Founding Editors

Linne Halpern '18 is an English and American Studies double major at Wesleyan University. She grew up in Cleveland, OH and loves fashion, illustration, rom-coms, and Joan Didion. She has contributed to Teen Vogue, Coveteur, and Man Repeller

Sage Marshall '19 is an English Major at Wesleyan University. He grew up in Telluride, CO and loves outdoors activities, especially mountain biking and fly fishing. He has contributed to Backpacker Magazine, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Denver Westword, and more. Check out his portfolio at SageMarshall.com and follow him on Twitter @Sagafanta.


JR Atkinson '21 studies at Wesleyan University and is from Chicago, IL. She is planning on majoring in English and Film. 

Copy Editors

Chris Fitzgerald ’20 is from Malden, MA. He studies English and Spanish at Wesleyan University. 

Brian Hess is a high-school English teacher in Cleveland, Ohio. He was an English major at Kenyon College and is pursuing a Master’s degree at the Bread Loaf School of English. His favorite writer is Karl Ove Knausgaard.


Alex Minton is an actor and writer from Sleepy Hollow, NY. He graduated from Wesleyan University in 2017 with a degree in American Studies and has written several short and full-length plays. A pilot, he is currently an Aviation Policy Fellow in New York City. (www.alex-minton.com / Twitter: @bestmidler)  

A. Cydney Hayes '19 studies journalism, political science and Mandarin Chinese at Northwestern University. She is an AEMJC award winner and has written for CuriosityUnite 4 Good magazine, The Daily Northwestern and more. You can find more of her work and Bitters, her weekly blog about different coffee shops around Chicago and Los Angeles, at cydneyhayes.weebly.com.

Isabelle Hahn is a Journalism major with English and Media minors at Northeastern University. She grew up in Dallas, Texas, and is currently living and working in New York City. Her writing has been featured in The Avenue Magazine, Artistry Magazine, The Huntington News, amongst others.